Black Angus Beef - Circle K Ranch


If you take a live 1100lb steer and butcher it, you generally get from 400 to 600 pounds of take home meat depending on how lean the animal is.  We generally have pretty lean meat on the Circle K Ranch, and our cattle tend to dress out (weight of take home meat) over 50% (of live weight), meaning we would typically see over 550 lbs of meat for a standard 1100lb steer.
Side of Beef Breakdown- 1/2 of a Cow
You can estimate about 45-60 pounds of the famous steaks, 50-75 pounds of roasts, 25-50 pounds of hamburger meat, maybe 10 lbs of ribs, you could get some brisket, and the other could be hamburger meat, more roasts, or more of the less tender steaks.   Also, you can turn as much as you want into hamburger meat, but don't get too carried away.
Butchers cut their steaks and roasts in various thicknesses as well, and some make different standard cuts. 
One possible side of beef (half-cow) breakdown is below.  

5 Chuck Roasts
2 Arm Pot Roasts or Steaks
1 Rib Roast or Steak
10 Rib Steaks
8 Sirloin Steaks
8 Porterhouse Steaks
8 T-bone steaks
2 Sirloin Tip Roasts
2 Boneless Rump Roasts
8 Cubed Steaks
6 Round Steaks
10 pounds of beef for stew
1 Flank Steak
50lbs of Ground Beef
8 Shank Cuts
There are many more ways to break down your side as you'll find out with different butchers.  I highly recommend to talk with your butcher about what cuts are standard, and tell them if there's any specific cut you want more or less of.  Once you get familiar with what you like and what's available you will be able to create your own custom order.